10 Tips for Visiting La Tovara

One of the biggest attractions that you can find when you visit the beautiful San Blas, Riviera Nayarit, is La Tovara National Park. An amazing network of estuaries and canals surrounded by lush vegetation, here are some tips for your visit:

1) Mosquito repellent

Surely you have heard of the bad reputation that the gnats have in San Blas, but we know that is not enough to stop you from discovering this magical place, just make sure you go prepared to enjoy it to the fullest.

2) Sun protection

Whether you take the long or short ride, remember that you will be sailing for at least a couple of hours under the revitalizing but intense beams of sunlight. So do not forget to pack the sun protection you need and a cap or hat will be useful.

3) Light and comfortable clothing

In order to explore nature and feel at ease all the time, it is necessary that you wear the right clothes, we recommend that you also take an extra change to be able to bathe in the crystalline waters of the spring at the end of your adventure.

4) Water and snacks

Since the tour takes some time, it is very likely that you feel a little hungry and / or thirsty on the way, so you can take some light subs or sandwiches in a cooler with plenty of bottled water.

5) Seasickness medicine

Each body is different, if yours is one of those who just get on a boat suffer from dizziness, be sure to take what is necessary so that it won’t become an impediment and you can admire the beautiful birds, marshes and gorgeous vegetation.

Canales via Mediakit.

6) Cash

It may be obvious, but anyone can happen to forget to withdraw enough cash for what can be presented, keep in mind that you will be in a secluded place, away from any big city so take your precautions.

7) Plan your trip in advance.

It is always better to go one step further, and if you invite enough friends or family to fill your own boat, your experience will be even more enjoyable. If you come alone or with your partner, no problem. You will find the best option available!

8) Camera

You will be so fascinated with what you will see during the course of the journey that you will want to capture it for posterity or also to motivate your friends who couldn’t make it and give them a second chance. Remember to take good care of it.

9) Take the most convenient route

There are several ways to get to La Tovara depending on your origin, including the new Tepic-San Blas toll highway, which is not expensive and will take you directly to the Nuevo San Blas area, where this magnificent place is located.

10) The best attitude

If you take these nine practical and simple tips, but add the best attitude to know a place created by nature and taken care of by humans, you will forget any prejudice and it may be one of the best days of your life.

Enjoy La Tovara and leave no trash behind!

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