It is worth entering San Blas!

Throughout our extensive municipality, you can find contrasting landscapes between fantastic beaches, imposing mountains, lagoons, estuaries and waterfalls, however, here we show you some reasons why it is well worth taking a walk around the municipal seat.

In order to let you surprise and marvel at the beautiful port of San Blas, you have to put aside any expectations you have about the typical beach place, full of luxurious resorts and simply live up the unique charm of touring its quiet streets full of history and flavor.

As you walk through town, you will notice the cheerful nature of its inhabitants, simple people who appreciate the small details of life such as a spectacular sunset from the Contaduría Mountain or how about some snoopy yet friendly raccoons “saying” hi! while enjoying your “zarandeado” fish.

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If you are a true foodie, in San Blas you will be in your element! In the vicinity of the main square and the market, the rich creations of typical local food such as shrimp empanadas or oyster sopes will definitely conquer you.

You can also have your moment of introspection while walking through the immense and lonely Borrego Beach, located a few minutes from downtown. You will feel so small and yet so connected to the universe in a different way, remember that you will be stepping on one of the most important energy points for the Huichol people.

Photo via Jan Alastair Stgo on Facebook.

As the afternoon falls, the town square is full of life with the families that socialize savoring a traditional Mexican corn or some banana bread, while the little ones play and have fun in the esplanade.

We invite you to spend a weekend or more days in this historic port, have in mind that San Blas is the starting point for different expeditions that really deserve to be visited like the Island of Mexcaltitán, the Salto del Cora waterfall or the amazing boat trips.

In addition, if you come celebrating a special occasion, you can toast with your friends in the bars and nightclubs that have recently been renovated in the main square, where the party ambiance is guaranteed.

So now you know, on your next visit, don’t forget to enter San Blas town since here are some of the most picturesque hotels in Riviera Nayarit, which will surely convince you to stay.

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