All you have to know about Jackfruit

For local people in San Blas, it is very common to see these peculiar fruits throughout the region but, its big size and appearance causes admiration and curiosity among visitors. Here you will learn some of the benefits supplied by this exotic tropical delight.

Jackfruit also called “breadfruit” because of its highly nutritious interior, came to the Americas in the eighteenth century, from the Polynesian island of Tahiti, finding in the Riviera Nayarit optimal climatic conditions for growth.

The singular fruit has a diameter of between 10 to 23 inches and it can weigh up to 44 pounds, you may taste it green or ripe, either fried as banana or boiled as sweet potato, its flavor resembling a combination of banana, melon and papaya.

Jackfruit has a tremendous amount of health benefits, such as anti-asthmatic and anti-diarrheal properties, as well as being one of the greatest natural aphrodisiacs.

Foto vía DOLCEVITALUX en Flickr.

Photo via DOLCEVITALUX on Flickr.

By consuming this gift of nature, you will be providing your body with a good dose of protein, vitamin B1, carbohydrates, iron, niacin, folic and ascorbic acid; given its particular flavor, you may also enjoy it in shakes, salads, jam or even cookies.

Also, breadfruit has been widely used in industry, because its bark is a very suitable fiber to produce paper  and its trunk is used for timber production.

Now you know a little more about these species that you will see everywhere in our region. We invite you to try it out on your next visit and share your experience on our social networks using the hashtags #LikeSanBlas, #MeGustaSanBlas and #AllToBeDiscovered.


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