Explore Downtown San Blas!

The heart of this port hides beautiful corners to be explored during your next visit, here we tell you a little about what you will find on your tour.

Start off at the Main Square, which you can easily access along Juarez Avenue, the main thoroughfare in town. There you can enjoy a delicious tejuino, one of the most typical drinks of this region, as you walk around the bandstand or relax under the shade of the trees.

Several stores and food places surround the square, if you crave, we highly recommend you try the famous oyster sopes, an unknown delight to most foreigners. You will also find the Municipal Palace, the old and the new Parish of San Blas.

Photo via Riviera Nayarit Mediakit.

Photo via Riviera Nayarit Mediakit.

The Municipal Market is located, on one side of the old parish where you can find some of the most exotic fruits that these rich lands produce, for example: the unique jackfruit, guanabanas or lychees, not forgetting the famous cocadas.

On the same Juárez avenue, you will find many establishments like the Huichol art gallery; The beautiful Hacienda Flamingos hotel, which is one of the oldest and best preserved buildings in San Blas; And finally the Old Customs, now House of Culture.

At the end of the avenue, you will arrive at one of the jetties located on the Estero del Pozo, from this place you can embark to one of the unforgettable boat trips in San Blas and enjoy the lovely sunsets.

Although much work remains to be done to achieve a greater aesthetic harmony in the Historic Center, it is worth highlighting the purely Mexican essence that can be appreciated when walking its streets, being this one of the main attractions of San Blas, a different port with great future vision.

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