Introducing the Elegant Frigate

San Blas, Riviera Nayarit is one of the most comfortable habitats for the elegant frigate to live and reproduce, let’s learn a little more about this distinguished resident of the “Birds Paradise”.

Fregata magnificens, is the scientific name of this beautiful bird that gives us quite a show when it’s time for mating, since males exhibit their impressive bright red crop to attract the attention of the coveted females.

Despite being a mainly coastal species, it is impossible to swim for the imposing frigate, so it is very likely to be seen prowling around other fishing birds food, like pelicans, so it is also known as the “pirate bird”.

Its wingspan can range from 1.70 to 2.30 meters long and it usually does not weigh more than two kilos, being the female a little heavier. It is one of Isabel Island endemic birds, along with the beautiful blue-footed booby and you can also admire it on different tours around our fascinating port of San Blas.

Photo via Dennis Coleman on Flickr.

Photo via Dennis Coleman on Flickr.

Within frigates colonies, usually males abound, so reproduction is limited to one single egg per female and due to other males jealousy, it is always in danger of being eaten, as a result, these amazing birds are in serious danger of extinction.

Remember to always protect the environment when visiting these particular fellows, that even if they are pretty noisy, they greatly reflect the diversity and beauty of local nature.

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