San Blas’ Fishery Production

The rich waters surrounding San Blas, put our municipality one step forward in fish production throughout the state of Nayarit, where shrimp and oyster are some of the most representative species.

Nayarit is the second state in Mexico in owning land and surface water bodies suitable for the construction of shrimp farms and specifically in San Blas, there are more than 160 establishments for shrimp farming, which makes this crustacean the main aquaculture product sold in town.

Thanks to this, no wonder that shrimp is one of the protagonists in the fine local cuisine, you can enjoy it in countless ways, such as the famous aguachile, “A la diabla” shrimp or in garlic, any option insurance will make you fall in love.

Photo via Laura Gelezunes on Flickr.

Photo via Laura Gelezunes on Flickr.

Another important gift from the ocean to ​​San Blas’ economy is oyster, to prepare the original “Oyster Sopes” , which you can try at the Municipal Market and some palapa restaurants on Borrego Beach and Matanchén. Do not miss them!

The bream or tilapia, is also noteworthy, it was introduced to Mexico in the sixties from Africa and today is one of the most popular species, especially for its great flavor when prepared fried.

Similarly, another important feature that has given an advantage to growing tilapia or bream is that it can develop in fresh or salt water, which has allowed to grow along with other species such as shrimp and oysters, among others. This is why is so important to preserve the mangroves that protect our shores.

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