San Blas Welcomes the Patriotic Month!

September is the most Mexican month and local people’s joy is present in this beautiful land full of history and tradition, take advantage of the long weekend to discover San Blas and the Riviera Nayarit!

As every September, we Mexicans are very proud of our national identity and at this time of year, we take the opportunity to escape the routine and enjoy a few days off, so San Blas is a great choice to visit with the whole family.

To start your journey, you must visit the Contaduria Mountain, where the majestic ruins of Fort St. Basil witnessed the heroic acts of the insurgent priest Jose Maria Mercado, who beat the Creole population during the War of Independence.

There you will also find the remains of the Temple of Our Lady of the Rosary “The Sailor” symbol of faith and naval tradition in San Blas, in addition, the whole area has a privileged panoramic view of the whole harbor.

Foto vía Cardielito en Flickr.

Foto vía Cardielito en Flickr.

If you are looking for sun and cooling yourself off, we recommend visiting Borrego Beach and Las Islitas Beach, where you can perform various activities such as surfing, water sports and horseback riding.

Such activity will whet your appetite, so you cannot miss the local delights prepared at some of the most representative restaurants of San Blas, the zarandeado fish takes first place in local dishes, but there is a huge variety of these.

If you come on September 15th, you will witness the celebration of the Grito de Dolores in the main square where the best part are the typical Mexican dishes accompanied by refreshing local drinks.

Join the party and check out the accommodation options that you can find in this beautiful destination, which suit any budget. Do not forget to upload your photos and comments to our social networks, using the hashtags #AllToBeDiscovered, #MeGustaSanBlas, #LikeSanBlas and shout loudly:

Viva Mexico!

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