Town by Town: Jalcocotan

The beautiful municipality of San Blas, not only encompasses the amazing beaches, marshes and mangroves, you can also find fantastic mountain landscapes. Today we invite you to visit Jalcocotan (Hal-coco-tan).

This picturesque village of almost 5,000 inhabitants is one of the oldest human settlements in the state of Nayarit. Its original name was “Xallicocotlan” (Sha-lee-coco-tlan), which is divided into three words of Nahua origin: “Xalli” (Sand), “Cocotl” (Dove) and “Tlan” (Place).

As it is known, the old settlers used to name the places according to what they found around them. So Jalcocotan literally means: “Place of doves and sand”. Nothing far from reality, because this nayarita hideout is so peaceful that invites you to have a pause on the road and rest under the shade of its leafy trees.

Photo via hugotepic on Panoramio.

Photo via hugotepic on Panoramio.

Its privileged location, 22 kms from the state capital, and 40 kms from the port of San Blas, makes it a must for visitors from Tepic. Once you pass Jalcocotan, the vast Pacific Ocean begins to be sighted from the mountains, down to Santa Cruz de Miramar.

In this region, you can find the delicious capomo coffee, which is less acid than regular coffee and brings greater health benefits. If you are a fan of this drink, don’t forget to take your good portion to enjoy it at home.

In addition, Jalcocotan is very close to other attractions of the municipality, such as Tecuitata, with its streams, springs and water park; The fantastic Salto del Cora, with its 40 meters waterfall and the exciting cycling routes, are also just a few minutes from this town.

And you, have you ever been to Jalcocotan? Share your photos on our social media and if you are from this cute little town, tell us: What do you like most about living there? We will love to read your best memories.

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