Aayetsie Wakie Turtle Camp

Located on Borrego Beach, the closest to downtown San Blas, this beautiful space is dedicated to the preservation of turtles and their hatchlings, that every summer, choose these beaches to start off their adventurous marine life.

The Huichol term Aayetsie Wakie means “turtle nest” and that’s exactly what it has been for a long time, nowadays it has become the main nesting site in Borrego Beach, contributing to the preservation of these species, which have been on Earth more than 200 million years.

However, this work has not been easy; since turtle eggs are highly sought after and are constantly plundered by its great commercial value, also some fishing boats do not respect their natural space and that is why, unfortunately, each year the number of species is reduced.

Photo via Mediakit.

Photo via Mediakit.

Under the circumstances, we want to raise awareness in all visitors to come and witness this wonderful experience in which young and old join forces to help the newborn hatchlings reach the ocean, but in a responsible manner and in harmony with nature.

Undoubtedly, the turtles release is an unforgettable activity, especially for children who can get on their hands the future of a baby tortoise. In order that this can continue year after year, we ask that if you see a turtle nesting, you inform those responsible for looking after them without disrupting this natural process.

If you want to know more about this turtle camp, we recommend clicking here. Remember that this July, we are in full nesting season, so do not miss the opportunity to come with your family. Upload your photos to our social networks using the hashtags #AllToBeDiscovered #MeGustaSanBlas and #LikeSanBlas.

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