Discover San Blas in One Weekend

If this is your first visit to San Blas in the Riviera Nayarit and you have little time, a weekend will be enough for this magical port to make you fall in love and decide to come back sooner than you think. Look at these recommendations for your quick trip to San Blas:

We suggest you start your day visiting the Contaduria Fort with a spectacular view of the harbor, walk through the ancient buildings of what was once the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary “La Marinera” this visit will take between fifteen minutes and half an hour because you can go by car.

From there, come take the boat ride to La Tovara, along the way, observe the flora and fauna of the region without missing a visit to the Crocodile Farm and finish the day at Las Islitas Beach, where you can enjoy with your family one of the best spots in San Blas to cool off and taste a delicious meal of fresh local seafood in one of its restaurants.

You can actually reverse this trip, enjoy first Las Islitas eating at one of the restaurants and before 4pm make the afternoon journey to La Tovara and return at dusk, this ride is amazing because you can appreciate the sunset in the mangroves and observe the nocturnal birds. If you have time, it’s worth going during the day and repeat the experience on another occasion in the afternoon.

Photo via Mediakit.

Photo via Mediakit.

For your second day of adventure, you can hire a specialized guide in birds for a visit to the town of Tecuitata where you will discover why San Blas is a paradise for birds, request breakfast in town and then go ahead to the localtiy of El Cora and take a dip in the Cascades. To get down to the falls, it requires some physical condition. You can eat at any of the restaurants in the Matanchen Bay, on your way back.

So now you know what awaits you in this gorgeous destination. Check out the Lodging Offer in San Blas and come by this weekend! Remember that there is still #AllToBeDiscovered, upload your photos using the hashtags #MeGustaSanBlas and #LikeSanBlas.

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