All about San Blas’ New Image Press Conference.

With great enthusiasm, the new advertising campaign that will announce San Blas as one of the most complete tourist destination in the Riviera Nayarit, was carried out in this beautiful port, and here we have the details:

The initiative came from the San Blas’ Association of Hotels and Motels who joined forces with the staff from Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau to create an edgier image and attract more visitors to the region.

Different local media from the state of Nayarit gathered last Monday May 30th to witness this important event, including domestic television like TV Azteca, Señal de la Gente and Meganoticias; broadcasters like Radio Capital, Infornay, Radiorama and GRK Group.

Also, print media like Express Journal, Enfoque, Gente y Poder and El Sol de Nayarit. As for digital media, were present Nayarit En Línea, Nayarit Me Gusta, NNC Meridiano, Entérate Nayarit, Notinay, Red Nayarit, Comunicarte Tepic and Rostros Magazine.

The President of San Blas’ Association of Hotels and Motels, Ms. Doris Vazquez, was in charge of directing the event and she did not fail to show herself excited about such an important progress in the port’s touristic sector, thanking all commercial branches that together manage to supply San Blas’ locals and visitors of a wide range of products and services.

After the press conference, a tour was conducted by some landmarks of the municipality, such as La Contaduría, La Tovara and Kiekari Crocodile Preserve.

Special mention deserves the renowned Chef Betty Vazquez, who is also the Gastronomic Ambassador of the State of Nayarit and was commissioned to delight all guests with exquisite dishes typical of the region, as a sample of what awaits all visitors who come to San Blas.

It is certainly the beginning of a new era for this small yet great town, which has shown that when pride and love for their homeland unites people, one can achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

We cannot fail to thank all the media present at this Press Conference, the San Blas’ Association of Hotels and Motels, the Riviera Nayarit Visitors and Conventions Bureau and all the kind people from San Blas.

Now it’s your turn to enjoy all the wonders that San Blas has to offer and share your photos on our social networks using the hashtags #AllToBeDiscovered #MeGustaSanBlas and #LikeSanBlas.


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