The True Story of San Blas’ Pier

Many are the stories that are told about this famous Pier, from its heyday in the colonial era to touching love stories that never materialized. Here we tell you a little about the true origin of this renowned tourist attraction.

As some of you already know, San Blas was the most important port for the Spanish Crown in the north of the Mexican Pacific during colonial times, ships sailed from here connecting territories as far as China or the Philippines, and also the Californias.

Because of deep-sea harbor status since 1768 by order of His Majesty Don Carlos II of Spain, this wharf was built, which was very useful during its heyday, because here merchandise of significant commercial value was received from the Far East.


We cannot fail to mention the most famous love story of this pier, which tells how a young local woman named Rebecca, back in 1971 was deeply in love with a fisherman named Manuel who, as expected, spent much time in ocean waters.

Manuel and Rebecca were about to get married and consummate their love, unfortunately wedding never happened, because due to a tropical storm, Manuel did not return alive to the port and she, who had vowed to wait a lifetime if necessary, was faithful to her promise waiting for her beloved in the same dock with her wedding dress, being known by the townspeople as “La Loca del Muelle” or “The Pier’s Madwoman” until she died in 2012.

Her ashes were scattered at sea so they could finally be together. Did you like the story? If you want to know more facts of this historic port, click here. Follow this blog and share it with your friends.

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