Banana Bread, a Generations Recipe.

The people of San Blas share a great local food culture that identifies towards visitors, but there is a specialty that has been here to stay for centuries: The spongy banana bread, here we tell you a little more about this endemic delight.

The banana is cultivated in most tropical areas of the world, and the Riviera Nayarit is no exception, here we have found countless ways to prepare this popular fruit, either fried as a snack or dessert, it is an excellent nutritional supplement.

However, the favorite way to eat this treat is the banana bread, a recipe that has been passed from generation to generation, in order to sweeten the palates of San Blas, the way to prepare it is very simple and for that, you will need the ripest bananas, which makes it an excellent choice to use them when they are almost gone.

Photo via Rafael Poveda on Flickr.

Photo via Rafael Poveda on Flickr.

Other ingredients used in its preparation are: flour, butter, eggs, vanilla, buttermilk, milk or cream, and the pulp of bananas is crushed by mixing. Baking powder is added to the dough ingredients and baked afterwards.

Its preparation is quick, in case you want to know if it turned out perfect, the dough should be moist, so you will achieve that consistency that fascinates everybody.

Now you must tell us, where have you tasted the best banana bread of San Blas? Remember that if you know how to prepare this delicacy, teach your offspring so that this tradition is preserved for generations to come. Do you want to try some other San Blas’ typical dishes? Click Here!

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