Cycling Routes in San Blas

Mountain biking is one of the most complete and healthiest physical activities, as well as being a lot of fun; if you are one of those who enjoy this kind of exercise, these are the best routes that you cannot miss in San Blas:

San Blas – Crocodile Farm – La Bajada – Aticama – Matanchen – San Blas

This road is 37 kilometers long and undoubtedly, the most representative of our municipality, because you will pass by some of the most popular hideouts; leaving the port, the bridge of El Conchal crosses the river towards Matanchen to pedal along the bay and then, into the area of ​​La Tovara, through the crocodile farm.

Photo via deanoid on Panoramio.

Photo via deanoid on Panoramio.

From that point, the ascent begins up to the community of La Bajada, which is the route’s highest spot (247 meters), we assure you that the descent to Aticama Beach will be spectacular and with great views. The way back from Matanchen Bay to San Blas will also be full of charm.

San Blas – Miramar – El Llano – La Noria – Tepic

With a medium difficulty, but longer distance and higher altitude than the previous one, this route will test your fitness and get you into the beautiful mountains that separate us from the state capital; you’ll pass by the beach of Santa Cruz de Miramar, heading to the community of El Llano where the exciting climb begins.

Photo via walwind on Panoramio.

Photo via walwind on Panoramio.

The highest point is 1,579 meters above sea level and is located in La Noria, a village in the Sierra of San Juan, from there, you will get the best panoramic views and the descent to the city of Tepic will be of 12 kilometers for a total of 63 kilometers.

San Blas  – Miramar – El Llano – Salto del Cora

This route of 32 kilometers is very special because it will bring you to the spectacular Salto del Cora waterfall; the beginning of the route is the same as the previous one, but once you pass the curious tunnels after El Llano, continue to the community of El Cora to take a detour to the waterfall.

Photo via rombli on Panoramio.

Photo via rombli on Panoramio.

The highest point is just in this last deviation where you’ll roll down 341 meters for the last 2 kilometers from the community of El Cora to the waterfall.

If you want to discover more cycling routes near San Blas and the professionals whom you can pedal with, we recommend clicking here.

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