San Blas Hotel Offer

In the whole area of San Blas, you will find a wide variety of hotels to suit every taste and affordable for any budget. Here we tell you what are some of our favorites, both within the port and Matanchen Bay:

Downtown San Blas

1. Garza Canela Hotel: Opened in 1970 as Las Brisas Resort, over time it has evolved to become an icon of this port nowadays.


It combines elegance and functionality with excellent prices. Do not miss their restaurant El Delfin with the exquisite creations of renowned chef Betty Vazquez, Culinary Ambassador of Nayarit state.

2. Hacienda Flamingos Hotel: It is located in the center of San Blas, in what was a Hacienda-style mansion from 1883; It is one of the best preserved ancient buildings of that era and one of the most beautiful properties in this port. It has all the amenities to make it a great small hotel.

hacienda flamingos (47)

3. Marina San Blas Hotel: This hotel has a prime location a few blocks from downtown, being the only one with its own beach, along the estuary Del Pozo and a spectacular view of the lighthouse.

marina san blas (1)

4. Casa Roxanna: With a bungalows concept, this hotel meets the standards of comfort and cleanliness, as well as being economical, spacious rooms are a very good choice to go with the whole family.

casa roxanna (1)

Matanchen Bay Area

1. Casa Mañana Hotel: Located in the heart of Los Cocos Beach, this hotel has everything for a great vacation away from the city stress, such as great sunset views over the sea, pools and beautiful gardens.

casa mañana (15)

2. El Chaco Hotel: In the southernmost Matanchen Bay entrance, you will be welcomed by this hotel that knows how to make the most of every space, if you’re a camping lover, this is the ideal place to install your tent or your RV.

el chaco (2)

These are just some examples of the wide range of hotels in San Blas, if you want to know the full list, click here.

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