How about your wedding in San Blas?

The winter season is one of the happiest times for the community of San Blas, as we receive the visit of friends and relatives from abroad, making it the perfect time for the wedding of your dreams.

The beautiful surroundings of this magical port, coupled with the incredible scenery, both natural and man-made, make San Blas, Riviera Nayarit an excellent option for couples in love, who seek to live the experience of getting married on the beach, at more affordable prices.

In San Blas, it is possible to perform the most diverse ceremonies to join the person you love, from an original montage in the ruins of the Temple of the Marinera, a romantic wedding at sunset by the sea or an elegant reception in the beautiful gardens of the Hotels in the port.

Photo via Octavio Solórzano.

Photo via Octavio Solórzano.

Another important factor to consider is the rich and varied gastronomy of San Blas, which will surely inspire you to decide the banquet that will delight your guests, here we leave some of the most symbolic restaurants in the port. The decoration will not be a problem with so many exotic flowers, abundant in the region.

If you decide to make the most important decision of your life in this incredible Nayarit hideout, you and your guests can enjoy fantastic tours where you will discover all the beauty of the place, a visit to the National Park of La Tovara and the Salto del Cora waterfall.

You can also have your own honeymoon at your fingertips, how about a romantic getaway to the solitary Isla del Rey? Or maybe an unforgettable boat trip with huge whales and dolphins on the way?

As you see, San Blas is a very complete destination for your wedding, if you want to know the hotels that have the most beautiful gardens, see the whole list here. Remember that love is for everyone, so equal weddings are also welcome!

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