What happened to the glamorous Playa Hermosa hotel?

The good old days of this luxurious resort where Jim Morrison, Liz Taylor and big Hollywood stars from the 50’s and 70’s spent unbridled vacations, are long gone. Today it’s just a decaying ghost of that former San Blas, which some still remember.

Many stories are told about this creepy port hideout, ever since the unfortunate opening in 1951, in which the then Mexican president, Miguel Alemán Valdés, could not bear the midges and simply dropped the ceremony.

It was the early 1950s, and San Blas looked like an exotic beach destination, recently discovered, and the fashionable couple, Liz Taylor & Richard Burton, made it one of their favorite love nests. Kept out of the inopportune reflectors.

Photo via mexicoenfotos.com

Photo via mexicoenfotos.com

For more than 20 years, world famous figures like Jim Morrison used to party hard here, some say that in 1969, he had such a wild psychedelic vacation, that he even got inspired to compose the enigmatic song L.A. Woman and his bizarre nickname Mr. Mojo Risin’.

Some others say that strange rituals were carried out on that occasion, which left the place “cursed forever”, maybe that is why in the years to come, fewer and fewer people frequented this site, causing it to decline gradually in the 1980s.

Many people blame the midges of the abandonment in which luxury tourism fell in this historic port, the fact is that in 2002, Hurricane Kenna finished lashing the place, leaving only ruins, murmurs and dark echoes of the former opulence and extravagance that it housed.

If you want to feel the strange vibes that envelops this place, dare to visit it when you go round the beautiful Borrego beach, we highly recommend doing it during the day, since at night you never know what one can find.

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