Introducing the Impressive Whale Shark

The warm waters of the Mexican Pacific along the coasts of San Blas are, during some seasons a year, home for the hugest and friendliest fish in the world: The Great Whale Shark, Let’s get to know it!

Unlike the humpback whales that come to visit the beautiful shores of the Riviera Nayarit each winter, the whale shark does not have a defined season to make its appearance, however, if you take a water tour around San Blas, you probably have a magical encounter with this imposing animal.

Its colossal dimensions, up to 20 yards long may freak you out a little, but there’s actually nothing to fear! This friendly shark does not eat meat, it feeds on small organisms such as plankton, that is abundant in the ocean. That is why they have become one of the most special attractions of nature.

It is easy to identify because of the colorful spots covering its body, which are unique and unrepeatable in each whale shark, as a result, it has been nicknamed “The domino fish.”

Photo via Mis Lugares Favoritos on Flickr.

Photo via Mis Lugares Favoritos on Flickr.

This great fish swims usually alone, but on rare occasions you will see it accompanied by another whale or a school of small fish or stingrays, but it does not attack nor is frightened when encountering humans.

It is currently in extinction danger, so if you are interested to know it more closely, we suggest contacting experts for not affecting their natural habitat and they can continue to enjoy the waters of San Blas for much longer.

By the way, these animals can live up to 100 years! Imagine everything they have seen on the seabed during that time!, Now you get to tell if you’ve ever seen one of these whale sharks and upload your photos using the hashtags: #TodoPorDescubrir, #LikeSanBlas and #MeGustaSanBlas.


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