Romantic Getaway to Playa del Rey

A few minutes from the port of San Blas, there is a lonely dream place where you will feel on a deserted island, only accompanied by the love of your life and the beautiful lighthouse in front of the White Stone.

We talk about the mythical Paraje del Rey, also known as Isla del Rey, because it is indeed a long and lonely island with fine sand, where it is said that the famous King Nayar used to live, he was an ancestral leader of the Cora ethnic group and who also gave name the state of Nayarit.

This beautiful island situated just opposite the famous White Stone, which, according to the Huichol legend, was the first solid object in the cosmos, it is the starting point for the Wixárika community to embark on the “peyote route”, culminating in the sacred Wirikuta desert in the state of San Luis Potosi.

Here, you will find the San Blas lighthouse on Vigia Mountain, west of the “N” breakwater, this is a cylindrical concrete tower, 14 meters high, painted with horizontal stripes in white and red, its lightning features are 2 decibels of physical-light every 10 seconds with a visual range of 14 and 13 miles respectively.

Photo via Samuel Garcia on Panoramio.

Photo via Samuel Garcia on Panoramio.

The lighthouse was built in the eighteenth century to guide ships coming into port, currently, the locals practice traditional canoe fishing of shellfish that, due to the mixture of salt and fresh water, are a wonderful wealth. It is also an excellent place for birdwatching.

Given the privacy provided by the uninhabited beaches, this is a special place to visit with your partner or even by yourself, it is also frequented by a few nudists, always respecting the privacy of others.

To reach this fantastic place, you can take a water taxi in the numerous jetties that exist in the port, the closest are those located in the Estero del Rey or the Estero del Pozo, you just have to cross 300 meters from the estuary to reach this magical island.

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