Are mosquitoes stopping you? You should read this..

Because of the abundant water bodies surrounding San Blas, it is well known that there is an uncomfortable inhabitant whose commonly called Jején or Midge, here below, we tell the truth about this mosquito and how to prevent its bite.

Phlebotomus papatasi, is the scientific name of this species also known as “black fly”, it inhabits damp places and usually appears at dusk, when you start to visualize the dreaded mosquito clouds.

There are some facts worth knowing about these “clouds” thought, which are formed mostly by harmless males, since they do not feed on blood, unlike females that require it for the gestation of their eggs.

If you find a group of midges, the best you can do is prepare yourself with mosquito repellent containing between 10% and 30% DEET, this component rarely cause allergy and is less aggressive with the environment, however, you should avoid swimming in rivers or springs, as it may lead to any contamination.

Photo via El Jején Feliz on Flickr.

Photo via El Jején Feliz on Flickr.

When it bites, the effect varies greatly from person to person, if your skin is too sensitive to bites, we recommend you adjust your activities program, so you can avoid the “midge hour”. You can dine in a closed place or wear long sleeves instead.

You can also create your own traps, putting a little apple vinegar with lemon scented dish soap in a jar, some holes on the lid will make them take the bait and let you enjoy the sunset.

Remember that these insects are an important link in the food chain and we like it or not, have a crucial role in preserving the environment, meaning that their extinction would cause irreversible damage. Like any adversity in life, it is best to be informed and learn to deal with it.

Do not let these little rascals prevent you explore all the wonders there are to discover in San Blas, if you consider it necessary, consult your doctor for further guidance. Share your photos and comments on our social networks using the hashtags:

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