The Endless Novillero Beach, in Tecuala

Right at the north end of the Riviera Nayarit, there is a charming place that remains pretty unknown, but whoever visits, gets shocked by the unmatched beauty of the longest beach in Mexico. Let’s discover Novillero Beach!

For those who love to explore the magic of offroad hideouts, away from the masses, there is a charming place that has been recognized by the Guinness Record as one of the longest beaches in the Americas and around the world.

With more than 50 miles long and almost 500 yards wide, Novillero is a true sample that remote sites hide big surprises. The waves here are so quiet that you can walk on the fine sand up to 100 yards offshore! This makes it a splendid natural pool.

Photo via josenikodemo on Panoramio

Photo via josenikodemo on Panoramio

To reach this magnificent nayarita corner, we recommend leaving early in the morning from the port of San Blas, as the route takes a couple of hours, we recommend you take the state road 54 towards Villa Hidalgo, you can stop at the peaceful city of Santiago Ixcuintla, which is also worth visiting.

After Santiago Ixcuintla, you should take the federal highway No. 15, either freeway or tollway, to Mazatlan. This route will allow you to admire the breathtaking landscapes of the north of the state, the Sierra del Nayar eastwards and the Pacific Coastal Plain, to the west.

When you take the turnoff to Tecuala, you’ll be closer to your destination. Note that this municipality is one of the leading producers of seafood in the state, especially shrimps, given the presence of so many “botanero style” restaurants, they will surely whet your appetite!

Photo via Werner Wruck on Panoramio.

Photo via Werner Wruck on Panoramio.

Only 20 minutes separate the municipal seat from its biggest appeal: Novillero Beach, upon arrival you will see that the way was definitely worth it, as your eyes won’t reach the end of this amazing beach that goes beyond the horizon.

There, you will find the typical “palapa” restaurants and boat trips through the mangroves of Cuautla Channel and the Agua Brava Lagoon, which teem with wildlife and they are also considered as sanctuaries of endemic and migratory birds.

Now you have another must-see spot for your next trip to San Blas, Riviera Nayarit! Venture to discover it, don’t forget to share your photos and comments on our social media, using the hashtags: #AllToBeDiscovered, #MeGustaSanBlas and #LikeSanBlas.

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