The Healthy and Delicious Capomo Coffee

Are you one of those who love coffee but then gastritis makes them think it twice? The Riviera Nayarit holds one of the best kept secrets! In San Blas you will find a treat that has even reached the Capitol in Washington D.C.

It is said that in the mid-nineties, a major American businessman named Jim Kosalos marveled when he felt the great taste that left him the coffee served at breakfast, while vacationing in the Bay of Banderas.

He was so amazed he wouldn’t go back home without visiting the place where it came from, and so he reached the top of the Sierra de San Juan in the neighboring municipality of Xalisco, where he met in the small village of El Malinal, the tree that short time later became a big success in the capital of the United States: Breadnut, or as we call it in San Blas, capomo.

There are just too many properties in this curious tree, which found in Nayarit the northernmost point of the Ecuador where it can grow and produce this tasty beverage similar to coffee, but even healthier, because it is less acidic and more aromatic. Moreover, it is already decaf!

Can you imagine a better pair for this delicious banana bread during dessert time?

Photo via Miss Paris on Flickr.

Photo via Miss Paris on Flickr.

Fortunately, the fertile soils of the mountains in the municipality of San Blas are perfect for the production of this species, whose scientific name is Brosimum alicastrum and can be up to 45 meters high. It is noteworthy that currently, its cultivation is quite careful since it might be endangered if it is unconsciously exploited.

If you explore the beautiful villages of Tecuitata, La Bajada and El Cora, you’ll visit some of the farms where capomo seed is produced and witness this craft work that involves a totally organic process. In downtown San Blas, you will find it at the Municipal Market and various other establishments.

Let yourself be captivated by this great nayarita delight and don’t forget to take home your good portion of capomo coffee on your next visit to San Blas, upload your photos and comments on our social networks using the hashtags: #MeGustaSanBlas, #LikeSanBlas and #AllToBeDiscovered.


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