Matanchen Tourist Corridor

The fastest growing tourist area in San Blas is the splendid Matanchen Bay, which has been inhabited for over two thousand years and is one of the most representative of this municipality. Let’s discover it!

Departing from downtown San Blas, we head south on State Highway 76, this is the same road that leads to the main pier of La Tovara and Kiekari crocodile farm, a couple of kilometers later, we reach the friendly community of Matanchen.

From that point, we find seven kilometers of a beautiful tourist corridor that has witnessed all the historical facts of the region, for two millennia! Because in this place, human remains from several nomadic cultures have been found, those are called Matanchen Complex.

Photo via Tavo del Toro on Flickr.

Photo via Tavo del Toro on Flickr.

During the colonial period, this area was chosen by English pirates and buccaneers to attack the Spanish galleons, which is why it was decided to build the Fort San Basil, on Contaduria Mountain.

Today, on the Matanchen Bay, one of the most extensive boardwalks in the state of Nayarit is under construction, even though the work is not finished yet, it is possible to stroll through some of the sections that are closer to Aticama.

You’ll also find a host of palapa style restaurants and hotels with the best view of the bay, many of them have the necessary facilities if you plan to go camping either in tents or trailers. An excellent choice for camping lovers!

Some other activities include romantic seaside horseback riding, cycling routes, water sports and best of all, the sunsets. Remember to bring sun screen and mosquito repellent so you can enjoy to the fullest!

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