The Unique and Gorgeous Boat-billed Heron

San Blas is a true birds paradise, as a result,  the curious Boat-billed Heron also called Cinnamon Heron,  is a symbol of this beautiful port and you can admire them in their natural habitat during your next visit!

The scientific name of this curious bird is Cochlearius cochlearius, usually it grows to just over half a meter high and its characteristic cinnamon color makes them one of the most beautiful birds in the Americas, it actually inhabits throughout the tropical region, from San Blas to the Amazon.

Its favorite habitats are mangrove branches, where it perches during the day to enjoy the cool shade and at night, it goes out to hunt for food, which are mostly the mangrove crab stippling, bugs and small fish abundant in the waters of the estuary.

For this reason, you must prepare your camera and open your eyes wide, when you take the fantastic tour through the canals of La Tovara, because you’ll be able to see not only the cinnamon heron, but more than 250 species of birds that will captivate your lens.

Photo via Sandy Whitt on Flickr.

Photo via Sandy Whitt on Flickr.

Remember to always be respectful not to damage the ecosystem as mangroves care is the key to preserving these species, also, this important bird is considered an indicator to monitor problems in their environment.

For example, if water pollution causes the mass extermination of crabs, the boat-billed heron leaves the place due to lack of food; just as if the tourist boats frequent the place too much, heron also hides away, therefore, it is said to be a little shy.

So now you know a little more about this amazing and friendly inhabitant of San Blas, we ask you to keep the beaches clean as well as natural environments so that it won’t be threatened any longer. Share your photos and comments on our social networks using the hashtags #AllToBeDiscovered, #MeGustaSanBlas and #LikeSanBlas.

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