Why is Our Lady of the Rosary so special for San Blas?

October is a very special month for Catholic people in San Blas, as the traditional festival is celebrated in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, alias “The Sailor”. Here below, is a little of history about what connects this beautiful port to its patron saint.

It all began in 1208, when the Virgin Mary suddenly appeared to Saint Dominic of Guzman along with a rosary, teaching him how to pray it and asking him to inculcate it among the parishioners, in order to cut heresy down and increase the faith of believers through this prayer.

However, it was not until October 7th, 1571, that Pope Pius V officially announced this day to venerate Our Lady of the Rosary, this thanks to the belief that her protection had achieved the important victory of the Christians over the Ottomans during the Battle of Lepanto.

For this reason, the Virgin of the Rosary was adopted by the Spanish Navy as their patron saint, giving her the nickname “Galeona” (The galleon) with special veneration in the city of Cadiz, Andalusia, traditionally the departing port for vessels coming to New Spain.

"The Sailor's Old Temple" Vía Mediakit.

“The Sailor’s Old Temple” Vía Mediakit.

As a result, San Blas being the most important Pacific port for the Spanish Crown, strongly adopted devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary, naming her affectionately: “La Marinera” (The Sailor), who took care of the missionaries that ventured to conquer the lands of Alta and Baja California, as well as commercial galleons coming from the Far East.

Since then, every October 7th there is a feast in this port! Three days earlier, the celebration begins with the Triduum of Masses, right in the Parish of San Blas, located in town’s main square, where the crowned image of the Virgin is placed, concluding with a pilgrimage to the ruins of the old temple at Contaduria Mountain.

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