San Blas, Cultural Heart of the Riviera Nayarit

The main attraction of this region are usually the gorgeous beaches, however, in this historical port, we go beyond a simple beach destination, join us to discover why is San Blas the cultural heart of the Riviera Nayarit.

Nayarit state has an incredible legacy of cultures that has shaped the Mexican people over hundreds of years, since the ancient Mexica left this land in search of the Great Tenochtitlan, themselves descendants of the ancient Huichol culture.

We cannot fail to mention the strategic importance of the former province of New Galicia during the colonial era, especially the port of San Blas, from which the Spanish merchant ships bound for the Californias and the Far East.

Many remarkable events allowed San Blas to defend Mexicans freedom heroically during the independence war, having the Contaduria Fort as the main stage for famous insurgent priest Jose Maria Mercado.

Photo via Mediakit.

Photo via Mediakit.

After a long period of decline, today we have the responsibility to raise this magical port and bring back all the greatness that has always lived in this place, and especially in its inhabitants.

That is why we invite all readers not only to visit but to fall in love with this idyllic corner of our country and care to continue preserving for generations to come.

We suggest you visit the Old Customs House, today House of Culture, which has witnessed these events and now houses artistic and educational activities for everybody.

Remember that your visit makes San Blas and the entire state of Nayarit stronger, so please do not throw garbage and report those who act against the care of our precious heritage.

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