The Importance of San Blas’ Mangroves

One of the characteristic features that give identity to the geographical environment of San Blas, is the abundance of mangroves, which enliven the beautiful coastline and they give us magnificent natural areas like La Tovara channels.

Coastal wetlands, particularly mangroves, meet a variety of environmental functions, as they are food, shelter and growth food for crustaceans and fish fry, which hold much of the fish production.

They also protect our shores, since they act as a natural barrier, protecting the population from flooding when a hurricane approaches or climatological phenomenon; They improve water quality serving as biofilter and contribute in maintaining natural processes such as changes in sea level.

Photo via oscareph on Flickr.

Photo via oscareph on Flickr.

They are also used as firewood to prepare the incomparable taste of sarandeado fish, note that for this purpose, special permits from Semarnat are granted to members of the Ejido La Palma, who are responsible for maintaining the navigation channels of La Tovara by controlled pruning, during this process, they collect the remains of dead mangle.

Thus, the owners of palapa restaurants are supplied with the special wood that allows them to prepare such delicious dishes, always taking care of the natural heritage that characterizes this beautiful port.

Unfortunately, the number of mangroves all over the world has been diminished up to 35% in recent years, so taking care is vital for their conservation, as you saw, they contribute too much to the community, so reasons abound.

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