Discover Santiago Ixcuintla

When you come to San Blas, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit our neighboring municipality of Santiago Ixcuintla, a small town but with a great personality. We invite you to discover it!

Located less than an hour north of paradisiacal port of San Blas, the ancient city of Santiago Ixcuintla, you can get there by taking the state road 54 towards the picturesque Villa Hidalgo, where you can have a tasteful local “birria” for lunch.

Following the road, you will cross the bridge over the Rio Grande de Santiago, which comes from the State of Mexico, forming the Lerma-Santiago river system and then flows into the Pacific Ocean, hence the first name of this beautiful town. The term “Ixcuintla” refers to xoloitzcuintle, the elegant Prehispanic dog from Mexico.

Photo via Hector Javier Saavedra on Flickr.

Photo via Hector Javier Saavedra on Flickr.

From there, you will see the dome and tower of the Lord of the Ascension Temple, built in the nineteenth century, with its eighteenth century Atrium Cross, one of the town emblems. Another characteristic aspect of Santiago Ixcuintla are its colorful murals that adorn the streets and tell part of the historical events that occurred there.

The most representative mural is called “Our Roots”, which is located on 20 de Noviembre Avenue and is a must-see attraction, like the Plaza Hidalgo with its remarkable Municipal Palace, where you can enjoy a refreshing tejuino as you walk quietly.

It is worth mentioning that Santiago Ixcuintla is the starting point to visit the mythical Mexcaltitán Island, located within the same municipality, so that this whole region is known as the Cradle of Mexicanity.

Now you have one more reason to visit San Blas and its unique environment, stay tuned to our blog because there’s still #AllToBeDiscovered, upload your photos and comments on our social media using the hashtags: #LikeSanBlas and #MeGustaSanBlas.


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