The Rich Agricultural Production of San Blas

In the magical port of San Blas, we have an excellent climate and fertile lands that give us  plenty of agricultural resources, thanks to this, we can share with our visitors some of the finest tropical fruits.

Who has not enjoyed a refreshing hibiscus water at lunch or a good capomo coffee to accompany dessert? It is likely that the next you try have grown up in this beautiful soil.

Since ancient times, humans have taken advantage of the benefits of this region, which is why in the surroundings of San Blas have flourished various ethnic groups that have mostly grown beans, tomatoes, corn, rice and sorghum, which are still nowadays, the elementary food for local people, along with fish and seafood.

These basic agricultural species also contribute largely to the town’s economy given the importance of trade; industrial species such as cotton, coffee, hibiscus and peanuts have also helped the exchange of these goods, today it’s the most valuable activity after agriculture.

Photo via Julien Justamon on Flickr.

Photo via Julien Justamon on Flickr.

However, the fruits of San Blas are the showiest, because fortunately our soils produce exotic species like jackfruit, which provides several health benefits, as well as the sweet guanabana, ideal for ice cream; pineapple for preparing the unique tepache and many others.

One of the most special fruit throughout the Riviera Nayarit is coconut, you can enjoy a fantastic freshly poured coconut water and its fleshy pulp prepared with salt, lemon and chilli. We are confident that when you get to San Blas it will be the first thing you could possibly want!

Some other highlights are the mango production for mangoneadas, plums to spice up the famous raspados or Mexican smoothies, papaya for breakfast and we cannot fail to mention the most important ingredient in banana bread.

There are so many things to try on your next visit, you only need to start planning your trip to this paradise. We invite you to discover more about the cuisine of San Blas, typical drinks and the best restaurants in town.

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