Santa Cruz de Miramar, such a gem to discover!

Within the gorgeous Riviera Nayarit, there is a spot with immense natural beauty, which also has a rich history, full of legends and, if it was not enough, some of the best waves of San Blas.

We speak of Santa Cruz de Miramar, a true gem to discover, just half an hour south of the port of San Blas, this fishing village has witnessed various events that have marked locals life, who have been closely linked to German culture.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, a colony of Germans was attracted in the first instance by a beer company in Mazatlan, but when they realized the enormous resources there were in Miramar, they decided to stay in this beautiful Nayarit nook.

Among the industries that flourished at that time, was the extraction of gold and silver, the cultivation of spices, pepper, cocoa, coffee, and they even set up a prosperous soap factory, which is now in ruins.

Photo via on Panoramio.

Photo via on Panoramio.

Nowadays, mining is over, but the excellent capomo coffee that characterizes this region continues to be produced. In addition, fishing has regained its leading role in the community economy, as these waters are so generous that they give us a wide variety of fish to enjoy in the typical ramadas on the beach.

We cannot fail to mention that in Miramar there are some of the best waves of this coastal municipality, its amazing landscapes combine ponds full of exotic birds, freshwater streams and the curious “La Campana” rock (“The Bell”) in front of the cliffs.

So, don’t stay behind! Dare to discover this paradise that attracts alternative tourists from all over the world, in search of relaxation, delicious food and the warmth of locals. Share your photos, memories and comments on our social networks using the hashtags: #AllToBeDiscovered, #MeGustaSanBlas and #LikeSanBlas.

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