The Unexplored Boca del Asadero

Did you know that the sandy beaches of San Blas are the favorite habitat of the American oystercatcher? If you want to meet this unique bird, you have to discover another magical nook of our municipality: Boca del Asadero.

To find this natural hideaway, head north on state road 54, towards Villa Hidalgo, once you reach the town of Guadalupe Victoria, turn left towards El Limón community and keep going for 15 minutes, until the friendly fishermen of Boca del Asadero, welcome you to their peaceful paradise.

If you are a fan of marshy landscapes, where the abundant water bodies fill up the horizon with life, you will love the half an hour of the total route, you can admire the vast agricultural production of the Pacific Coastal Plain, especially corn.

Likewise, Boca del Asadero is the place where the famous Rio Grande de Santiago flows into the Pacific Ocean, all the way from Lake Chapala, through the states of Jalisco and Nayarit, meaning that the lonely beaches of this region are teeming with unique and beautiful birds.

Photo via zaidcerrot en Flickr.

Photo via zaidcerrot en Flickr.

An example of these curious animals is the Haematopus palliatus, commonly called American oystercatcher, which uses its long orange beak to open the oysters found on the beach to feed, crabs and small fish are also its favorites.

When you come visit this quiet fishermen village, you should stop at the popular restaurant “El Náufrago”, where you can taste the great variety of seafood that locals collect every day, with an unbeatable freshness.

You can also take a boat trip through the rivers and marshes until you reach the beaches of Asadero, Laureles and Góngora, where you can sight another White Stone, very similar to the one at Paraje del Rey, without a doubt, it will be a day full of adventure!

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